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Saturday, 17 February 2018

original image created in Craft Artist
No2 granddaughter and I made this card for her cousin.   As they weren't seeing her until the day after her birthday, we decided to do a "Kinky Boots" theme, as her cousin had had a surprise visit to the theatre in London on her birthday to see the show.

photo of finished card after granddaughter No 2 had been at it with the sparkle pen!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Glass Fusing

First attempt on right, second on left

It is half term this week so my daughter who is a teach was able to have some "me time" doing some crafting with me.

We had both love doing glass work, and fell in love with some sample work of glass fusing at a recent Craft Exhibition.    Well lo and behold, there was a microwave kiln kit for sale on one of the craft channels ... yes you guessed it ....... we bought one.

When it arrived we discovered that you really shouldn't use it in the same microwave oven as the one you cook food in, so a quick click on the great shop in the sky and a new cheap microwave arrived at her house over the weekend!

Our first attempt was the piece on the right, and the second the piece on the left, which started out looking like the picture below.  It's amazing that you start with a square flat piece and it ends up rounded!

Also in the kit was some jewellery findings, so using my jewellery glue we attached the bails.

We had time to try one more piece, which didn't quite turn out as we had expected.  It was made from three millefiori  pieces which we arranged to hopefully create a heart shape.   We made sure the pieces were touching, but in hindsight possibly we should allowed a small gap for the glass to flow into each other.  Still you learn, and it was only our first session.

Our third piece with millefiori -comparing the size!

It does take patience - but only waiting for the glass to cool down.   It takes about 6 mins for it to melt and 30 mins to cool down before you can touch it!   However, it was great fun.  (We are hoping to go on a course later in the year).

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Steampunk Card

Having made the parchment card for my granddaughter for her birthday, I learned that she was an avid "Panic at the Disco" fan, which is sort of a bit steampunk, and that was what she wanted for her birthday cake for the disco she is having later in the month.   (Thankfully her mum is making her cake this year)   ðŸ™‹

I told her uncle and said would he like me to make a "steampunk" card for her.    Well you can gather his reply by the picture above !  So bearing in mind that she wanted her cake to be based on the top hat, it was obvious what the central image would be.    I also discovered that I had this lovely steampunk font for the wording in one of my kits - result!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Card for a 16 year old

My eldest granddaughter is 16 this week, and I created this card for her, using a bit of parching and one of the trees that I created the other week.   (Painstakingly cutting it out as you can see from the original below!)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A bit of fun

I couldn't resist purchasing this at Sandown the other week.   I caught sight of it just as we were leaving and had to have it.........

....... and this is what I did with it:

 I had a play with various mediums, modelling paste, bead gel, crackle paste etc.

The colours in the picture above are more realistic to what they are than the photo below, but I couldn't decide whether black paper or white paper behind it looked better - so you have the choice!

Monday, 12 February 2018

Nanny to the rescue!

Phone call:  Nanny have you got a box we could decorate to put the presents we bought Mummy in?  
Answer:  Yes I have a shoe box, although I was going to save it to do something with myself, but you can have it!

..... and also can we decorate it at your house when we come over for lunch?

So .... here are the results of their efforts.    Originally they were going to stamp or draw on copy paper - but we realised it would be too short.    So they raided my stash of 12 x 12 card.   It took a while to decide which designs they would like.

 I also have one of their craft boxes still at my house, and there was loads of tissue paper in there - so the inside (containing bath bombs) was sorted.

We also found some paper flowers, a little crochet flower and some ribbon in my stash, and I showed them how to create tag from some of the paper.

We then found some peel-offs to decorate the tag.

Hopefully their mum will like it, and it has made a little inroad into my craft stash.  They also made a birthday card for her in Craft Artist, but I forgot to take a photo!  (My excuse I was helping to get their tea!)

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Celtic Parchment Birthday Card

I treated myself (well I treated myself, my daughter and granddaughter) to the celtic groovi boards as we all dabble in parchment - they more than me!

Anyway I decided to have a play before they got their hands on them, and created this for my sister-in-law's birthday later this week.   It is a narrow DL shaped card.  I do love Celtic designs.

Nowhere near perfect, but I am getting there.   I do struggle a bit with the old eyes, but with the help of the light box and also my little daylight magnifying glass I think I did a reasonable job!

Monday, 29 January 2018

Grandchildren's Craft

Cat Transformer Superhero - Front

The youngest two granddaughters asked to come for sleepover over the weekend as their elder sister was at a friends overnight.  Mainly because the 8 year old had some homework that required her to raid my craft stash!

She had to design a superhero and make a model of the hero or one of his/her "tools/accessories.  She had chosen "Cat Transformer", whom we later named Annie.

Our first job was to find how much of my Cloud Clay was still useable as they hadn't used it for over a year and some of it had dried out.    Fortunately the Black was workable, which was the main colour she needed.   She used the smallest of my Wilton people molds to create the figure.   Using a toothpick to do the marking on her boots.  I showed her how to create hair, and she soon got the hang of that.  I gather her mum is making her an actual costume to wear - so she created the cat ear hairband, and painted the face.   We discovered a clay butterfly in my stash that we had made some time ago, so that was added to her back as obviously being a superhero - she should be able to fly!   A brad was pushed into her front as a motif on her jumper.

Originally she drew whiskers on the face, and then I had an inspiration and cut some stamens to create the whiskers - certainly was the finishing touch!

Obviously her younger sister wanted to work with the Cloud Clay too - She wanted to make an owl for her aunt for her birthday.

Inspiration struck me and I found a polystyrene egg in my stash - which at least meant she didn't need quite so much clay.  I think she did quite well, with a little guidance from me on how to create the shapes.  It was duly present to her aunt who said she would put it on her office window sill!

On Sunday they made a birthday card for their aunt in Craft Artist.  Also some masks, and some pictures of animals with their own faces superimposed on them, but I forgot to take some photos!  duh!   They are loving using Craft Artist and are gradually learning all the various effects they can get with it.   Obviously the 8 year old used computers quite a bit at school, and the 5 year old is catching her up.   I love to see them being so creative with it.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Parchment card

I confess I am not that proficient at parchment work - I need to practise more.  Not helped by the fact that my eyes aren't so good these days, even using the Groovi system. However, I wanted to create something in parchment for my daughter's card to go with the Groovi bits I have bought for her birthday.

We share a lot of our parchment bits, and we purchased the McIntosh inspired plates a few weeks ago, and before I gave them to her - I had a little play with one of them, and decided that I would incorporate the image into a card.

I know it is not perfect, and having watched some demos this week, I know where I went wrong!  However, the overall effect is not bad, and actually resembles what I was trying to achieve with the off-centre circles, and the die cut flowers.  (I can't remember which dies I used from my stash for the flowers, leaves and butterflies as they were various makes, and I just grabbed what I thought would work from my stash)!

The circle dies were he stitched circles by Sue Wilson from Creative Expressions.   I also used Nuvo Jewel Drops on the stitching of the dies, the centre of the flowers and in the corners of the card.

Friday, 26 January 2018

Even "professional" cake decorators can have a bad day .....

... and muck up a cake completely even using a cake mix!  (This is the worst cake I have ever produced!)

Fortunately this was only for my daughter!   

I made the cake in two sandwich tins - but unfortunately one managed to disintegrate as it was cooling (due to being very moist and the way I had stacked it!)  I didn't discover this until my granddaughter came round with the chocolate icing for it.  I was originally going to suggest she iced it for her mum until we discovered the disaster!     OK I thought I would have to make another cake (not good as I hate chocolate cake so wouldn't have eaten it myself).  However, granddaughter said "oh just stick it together Nanny and put that layer on the bottom - it won't notice when it is on the board!"

Erm hadn't planned on putting it on a board - was just going to put it on a plate!   So quick hunt and found a board albeit square!

As you can see it wasn't quite so easy to rectify the shambles.  I had lost enthusiasm for doing it by the time I had managed to get the icing on it - so it was just a case of use what was in the cupboard to decorate it.   

Oh well it is only a family cake, and it is the thought that counts, and the taste, rather than the look!  - knew I should have let my granddaughter do it - but she is up to her eyes in exam revision and really didn't have time to do it.   I shall also know if ever I use this gluten free cake mix that it is very, very moist and difficult to ice!    (Actually it was really a "bad cake day" as I also made some gluten free brownies - which I thought tasted foul and were very dry - the complete opposite to the cake, and were also a ready mix from same brand - a brand I have used before and never had problems - ah well that's life)!

At least I am brave enough to post my disasters!